OBERON 1 C: Engaging and Adaptable

DALI OBERON 1 C receives an impressive FIVE stars from What Hi-Fi? in their latest review.

What Hi-Fi? have taken a close look and listen to the OBERON 1 C system in their latest review. They tested the active speaker system with both Sound Hub options (DALI SOUND HUB Compact and DALI SOUND HUB) and they were so impressed that they have awarded it with an impressive FIVE stars!

The review praises the OBERON 1 C system for its versatility, the option of the two Sound Hub's allows the system to appeal to different users. They are impressed with both Sound Hub Options: "We test both hubs with the Oberon 1 C, but whichever you choose, one of their design’s biggest blessings is their wireless transmission to speakers."

They begin by testing the OBERON 1 C with the full DALI SOUND HUB, listening to Tom Odell's Heal: "Odell’s delivery is full of tenderness and the Dali is sympathetic to that, while also keeping a firm hand on the accompanying keys." They continue... "This midrange insight was one of the passive Oberon 1’s highlights, and something the addition of wireless active operation hasn't changed."

Moving on to The Theory Of Everything by Jóhann Jóhannsson they continue to be impressed: "...the Dalis display a tight organisation in their presentation of the piano, string and percussion instrumental, while also proving astute in capturing the dynamic surges of the string ensemble."

Moving onto the Sound Hub Compact they "are presented with the same admirable strengths and more".

And for their final verdict: "Active streaming systems are becoming increasingly common in this convenience-craving world, and the Dali Oberon 1 C are among the best examples we’ve seen at this level."

You can read the full review on What Hi-Fi?'s website, here.