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This mix paper pulp and wood fibre makes the cones stiff and light which ensures that every micro detail in the signal is reproduced unfiltered.


A rigid construction that facilitates a huge inner volume enabling a powerful bass performance in a compact cabinet.


The KUBIK series provides a true stereo solution with a genuine sound stage through traditional speaker technology.


All KUBIK products are available in all colours of the rainbow. Standard colours are red, black and white, but they also come in orange, lime green, purple, azur blue, petrol blue and mist grey.


The DALI KUBIK XTRA is the passive sibling of the active DALI KUBIK FREE. By combining the two loudspeakers, you extend the listening experience into a true stereo performance.

The two components can be set up in three different ways: Using the KUBIK FREE on its own as a standalone system, using the KUBIK FREE and the KUBIK XTRA together in a stereo system, or using the KUBIK FREE and KUBIK XTRA together in a two room standalone system.

Throughout the development of the KUBIK system, our R&D department had a tight focus on making it very easy to use, clear of complicated setups and at the same time as flexible as possible. To put it very simply, we wanted to build an active speaker that would work one minute after it has been unwrapped, but an active speaker that would last you a lifetime.

Connecting the KUBIK XTRA
Connecting a KUBIK XTRA is done via the special 6 wire connector in the bottom of the KUBIK FREE. The connector cable transfer the signal to the woofer and tweeter module individually utilizing the active crossover in the KUBIK FREE, and power the indicator LED for easy access to a visual status check of the KUBIK system.

Grille colours
The standard "out of the box" grille colours for the KUBIK FREE and KUBIK XTRA are the classic "DALI red", black, or white. On top of that you have 6 optional stylish colours for the interchangeable covers.


KUBIK FREE and KUBIK XTRA have been designed so that the sound integrates in the best possible way with any room. Both the driver materials and the geometry applied within the KUBIK system have been selected to achieve a wide dispersion pattern in the listening area.

This gives you the experience of a well-integrated sound, even when listening at a significant offaxis angle, and as you are rarely placed directly in front of the loudspeaker when listening to music, this is very important.

The wide dispersion characteristics also add to the flexibility of the KUBIK system, making it possible to hang or place it flush against the wall, or position it on a table in the middle of a room. Placement of the KUBIKs close to or against a wall is however recommended for optimum bass reproduction.


A crucial part of the DALI sonic definition is related to the use of the soft dome tweeter module. Optimised and enhanced over many years, the soft dome tweeter is built around a powerful ferrite magnet and very narrow magnet gap.

This type of magnet enables the KUBIK FREE + XTRA system to handle more power and helps disperse the heat generated around the fast moving voice coil quicker, thereby reducing power compression. This in turn allows the tweeter to reproduce high frequencies with higher accuracy, giving the KUBIK system an impressively detailed sound.

The KUBIK tweeter is constructed on the basis of an ultra light-weight weave fabric. Compared to most soft dome tweeters in the market the DALI dome material is less than half the weight.

The positioning of the tweeter front plate near the dome has been optimised to create the optimal working conditions for the soft dome. The aim is to combine an extended frequency response with wide dispersion and low coloration, and improve the integration of both the tweeter and the mid/bass driver.


When building a high quality speaker system, high quality components are an essential part. This is why DALI only use drivers designed in house that is specifically developed for the individual loudspeaker, and to match the DALI sound philosophies.

Using a glass reinforced polymer we created a lightweight but extremely strong chassis for the 5” woofer. The nonmagnetic chassis increases the flux density in the magnet gap by 10%, adding more power and control to the magnet motor system.

The cone is connected to the chassis using a DALI low-loss surround. This give the cone undamped movement and helps retain the fine details in the audio signal even at low volumes. The cone is made from a blend of wood fibre and paper pulp to give it a stiff, lightweight but well-behaving structure. Driving the wood fibre cone is a strong magnet motor system based around a four layer voice coil.

The decision to use a four layer voice coil is an important part of delivering the required sound pressure. Generating 17% more force than a two layer system, and 27% less electrical Q, it gives a significant improvement in control of the entire moving part of the system. To keep the voice coil light, a copper clad aluminium wire was used for the four layers. Using traditional copper wire would make the voice coil heavy, harder to control and therefore a tougher drive for the amplifier. A heavy voice coil can also cause massive loss of detail in sound reproduction. The combination of all of these low-loss technologies results in a serious improvement in bass control, reproduction of micro details, and greater transparency


The main housing is based on one piece of extruded aluminium. Aluminium is characterized by a stiffness approximately 15 – 20 times the value of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) – the most frequently applied cabinet material for high quality speakers.

Therefore the aluminium gives us the opportunity to make the cabinet walls a lot thinner, than with traditional materials, and thereby gaining volume in a compact cabinet design. This can be done without losing the rigid structure, and ensures that all components can be fitted tightly onto the structure eliminating vibrations and unwanted resonances.

Besides strengthening the entire product, the aluminium also gives the cabinet a solid feel. The top of the KUBIK is crafted from the same aluminium and reveals the solid build of the KUBIK XTRA.

Using aluminium makes it possible to not only create a compact cabinet that will be easy to place in any room, but also giving the KUBIK XTRA a simple yet iconic look.


Product series KUBIK
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 48 - 22,000
Maximum SPL [dB] 103
High frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 25 mm
High frequency driver, Diaphragm type Soft Textile Dome
Low frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 5,25"
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Wood Fibre Cone
Enclosure type Closed Box
Connection Input KUBIK FREE Link
Magnetic Shielding No
Recommended Placement On-Wall
Shelf or stand
Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] 0 - 30
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 305 x 145 x 145
Accessories Included KUBIK FREE Link Cable (4m)
Optional Accessories Interchangeable Grilles
Link Cable (10m)
Weight [kg] 3.8


KUBIK-XTRA-black-finish.png KUBIK-XTRA-red-finish.png KUBIK-XTRA-ice-finish.png KUBIK-XTRA-black-finish.png



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Pocket-lint, one of the largest UK technology sites, has fallen completely in love with our KUBIK FREE.

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Pocket-lint (UK)

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"The German hi-fi website, AREA DVD, has started the New Year with a close encounter with the KUBIK FREE and its partner, the KUBIK XTRA. The meeting has given the KUBIK FREE setup a title as first class sounding and a noble Bluetooth speaker system for demanding music lovers."


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