You know instinctively from the very beginning that something unpredictable is on its way.

Ane Brun was born in Molde, Norway in 1976. She lived in Barcelona for some time but has resided in Stockholm, Sweden since 2001. It All Starts with One is her eighth album since her debut album in 2003.

Ane has toured extensively in Europe and her albums have garnered rave reviews and won numerous awards.

Track: These Days (A. Brun)
Album: It All Starts With One (2011)
Label: Balloon Ranger Recordings
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 3

In 2011, Ane was a guest vocalist on New Blood, rock legend Peter Gabriel's album of orchestral re-recordings of songs from throughout his career. She duets with Gabriel on Don't Give Up, originally recorded with Kate Bush. She also appeared on the New Blood tour in 2010.

These Days
These Days is the opening track of It All Starts with One – and what a start it is! It happens only rarely, but sometimes even a clearly audible noise level that you normally don't expect to find in modern recordings immediately elevates the listener to a heightened state of awareness – this is definitely the case here.

You know instinctively from the very beginning that something unpredictable is on its way, but you're still taken aback when the percussion starts in the left channel after about 15 seconds (it happens even if you've heard the track more than once).

The next surprise is the width and depth of the soundstage and the contradiction between the stable deep bass notes, the ongoing percussion and Brun's vocal that so strongly emphasises the insecure melancholia of the lyrics.


Teitur - Vol. 3

Since his debut in 2003, songwriter, musician and vocalist, Teitur, has released a string of successful albums.

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