They capture the subtlety and beauty of instrumental music.

Vestbo Trio could be the band that draws you back to instrumental music. Inspired by the sound and timbre of jazz music, while always aiming to connect with the listener as a great singer would, Vestbo Trio's music has a charm that will delight you.

Vestbo Trio - Mudslide (Vestbo/Smalbro/Sørensen)
From the album While You Were Gone (2015)
Label: Dog Hound Records
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 4

Instrumental Music
Steeped in the blues with a knack for melody and groove, Vestbo Trio's music could feature a singer but doesn't. And that's precisely the point. Vestbo Trio captures the subtlety and beauty of instrumental music.

"Using electric guitar, upright bass and drums, we see instrumental music as a way to tell a story, much like a singer-songwriter would. Steeped in the blues, adding twang, noir and jazz, we play our hearts out to open yours!"

Mudslide starts out soft and slow, evoking a very special atmosphere. The melody is then added on top of a strong groove and builds from there to close with a stinging guitar solo. The music is pure quality listening and a great track where you can't resist cranking up the volume. Lean back and let Vestbo Trio take you away!


Tom Jones - Vol. 4

"We wanted to go back to basics, go back to the source, it was just me singing live with a rhythm section."

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