Passive Speakers

Passive speakers are speakers that are connected via cables to an external source of amplification. Passive speaker design is flexible, as you can combine speakers and amplifiers freely. If you like the way a certain pair of speakers sound when connected to a certain amplifier, then passive speakers give you that freedom.


The DALI KORE takes a no-compromise approach with unmatched fidelity and effortless dynamics.


A luxurious, high-end loudspeaker featuring KORE technology for a world-class musical performance.


Delivers a dramatically rich and detailed sound that will blow your mind and captivate your senses.


Impeccable high frequencies and voice reproduction so lifelike, you'll feel like you're in the middle of a live performance.


Improve the performance in the ultra-high frequencies with our premium CONNECT speaker cables. GET THEM IN THE DALI STORE


Astonishingly large and accurate three-dimensional sound that will impress true audiophiles.


Effortlessly reproduces highly detailed centre channel sound with stunning realism and accuracy.


Designed with stability in mind with a reinforced structure that eliminates distorting vibrations.


The pinnacle of the RUBIKORE entry into pure high-end sound, but at a midrange price.


Remember to get a proper stand for your bookshelf speakers. We offer the DALI E-601 stand in both black and white. GET YOURS IN THE DALI STORE...


Designed for ambitious high-end stereo and home theatre systems in medium to larger sized rooms


The stand-mount loudspeaker offers the ideal blend of compact size and generous sound.

Discover our range of passive speakers that let you craft a personalised audio experience and unlock the genuine potential of your music through the timeless appeal and modularity of passive speaker systems.

What are passive speakers?

Passive speakers are defined as any loudspeaker device that require an external power source in order to reproduce sound. Passive speakers with more than one speaker include a passive crossover to send the right frequencies to the speaker's woofer(s) and tweeter(s).

What’s the difference between passive and active speakers?

One of the main differences between passive and active speakers is that an active speaker includes its own amplification source. This was once a rare design, especially in the Hi-Fi speaker world but has, in recent years, become more commonplace.

Passive speaker design is flexible, as you can combine any speaker with any amplifier. If you decide to upgrade either component, or if one stops working, passive speakers give you that freedom.

For speaker manufacturers, this means having to designi passive speakers that sound good with the broadest possible range of amplifiers. The challenge is that some speaker designs are hard to drive and need very large, powerful and often expensive amplifiers, while others play well with smaller amplification sources. Conversely, amplifier manufacturers must decide whether their products should be tailored to speakers that are easily driven or sound best when fed plenty of current and played loudly.

By tailoring the amplification to the speaker, as is the case with our wireless active speakers, manufacturers can deliver the best-possible sound. At DALI, we take this concept one step further by equipping each speaker with two amplifiers: one for the tweeter(s) and another for the bass/midrange drivers. Coupled with an advanced digital crossover, we optimise the interaction between amplifier and driver perfectly, letting you experience even more detail from the source material.

Still, the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of passive speakers make them a great choice for any Hi-Fi system. At DALI, we believe there’s still plenty of room for innovation and improvement, when it comes to passive speaker design. From magnet systems bass ports, cabinets to crossovers, the quest for sound perfection continues…

The DALI passive speaker range

There’s a DALI passive speaker for every room in your home. Here’s an overview of our current range.


The ultimate expression of our admiration of music. The DALI KORE is a visual and sonic masterpiece with ground-breaking technologies that breaks with tradition and pushes the boundaries of loudspeaker design.


A luxurious, high-end loudspeaker featuring KORE technology for a world-class musical performance. Closing the gap between the EPICON series and KORE and sets new standards for high-end, low-distortion loudspeaker design.


Dramatically rich and detailed sound that will captivate your senses. The DALI EPICON series is a masterpiece of true musical indulgence that is as captivating to the eye as the sound is to the ear.


Flawless soundstage with crisp detail and impeccable build quality. Designed and crafted in Denmark, the DALI RUBICON series stands on the shoulders of the EPICON family. It builds on the innovative driver technology to bring outstanding audio experiences to a broader audience.


Exceptional midrange clarity and sparkling high-frequency response. The OPTICON MK2 series, with our hybrid tweeter and SMC-based drivers, brings excellent midrange clarity and sparkling high frequencies to any music or movie-watching experience.


Redefining what's possible in audio quality and design within its price class. DALI OBERON is our first entry-level loudspeaker to incorporate our patented SMC technology for an outstanding, ultra-low distortion performance.


Bringing authentic DALI Hi-Fi sound to a new level of affordability. DALI SPEKTOR speakers offer exceptional levels of sound quality and performance in an entry-level series.


Powerful compact loudspeakers that reveal great musicality. The DALI MENUET, our powerful compact speakers reveal great musicality and set new standards for sound and performance in a compact cabinet.


The stylish and elegant DALI FAZON series is designed to integrate elegantly into any room – combining advanced driver and material technologies developed for our top-end speakers.


A height speaker and traditional stereo speaker in one stylish cabinet. The up and down-firing ALTECO C-1 adds height information to a home cinema setup for amazing movie-watching immersion. It's also a discreet alternative to traditional bookshelf speaker design.


A discreet in-wall and in-ceiling speaker series with no-compromise audio performance. Featuring the same technology as our cabinet speakers, DALI PHANTOM custom install speakers are the perfect choice when you're looking for seamless room integration and the performance of a traditional Hi-Fi installation.

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Setting new standards for high-end, low-distortion loudspeaker design.


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The DALI IO-12 uses the same sound principles as our full-size loudspeakers.

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