A subwoofer makes a great addition to any Hi-Fi setup. Whether you're looking to enhance the low-frequency performance of your existing stereo or you want room-shaking LFE audio for your home cinema setup, a subwoofer can do it all.


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In our experience, any Hi-Fi system can benefit from the addition of a subwoofer. Why is that? Surely, large floorstanding speakers have more than enough bass, right?

Of course, a pair of DALI OBERON 9 floorstanding speakers have an impressive low-end frequency response. But even larger speakers like these have their limits when it comes to bass reproduction.

To achieve a perfectly coherent sounding speaker, in other words one that sounds even and uncoloured across the entire frequency range, the bass must be balanced perfectly with the midrange and treble. When cost is no object, this balance can be achieved in a way that allows for deeper and more powerful bass. But for all but the most expensive loudspeakers, there inevitably needs to be a compromise.

To improve the low-frequency response of any loudspeaker setup, a subwoofer is an affordable solution that can enhance even a high-end speaker setup.

What is a subwoofer?

In essence, a subwoofer is simply a bass driver that reproduces low-frequency sound waves, typically below 120 Hz. In practice, a subwoofer consists of one or more bass drivers in a dedicated cabinet. Once powered up, simply adjust the frequency at which the subwoofer takes over from your main speakers (the crossover frequency) and get ready to enjoy an even richer audio performance.

Wireless and powered subwoofers

Subwoofers are most often active, meaning they’re powered by a power amplifier installed in the subwoofer cabinet. An active subwoofer connects to the output of a preamp or integrated amplifier and often features volume, crossover frequency and phase controls. Active subwoofers, also known as powered subwoofers, are generally a good solution as they draw power from the in-built amplifier rather than imposing extra load on your main amplifier. The internal amplification will also have been optimised for the subwoofer driver to deliver the best-possible response.

If you’ve invested in our advanced ecosystem of wireless active speakers, a DALI subwoofer is the perfect match to your setup. And if you have an existing subwoofer from another brand, no problem. Just attach the optional Wireless Subwoofer Receiver (WSR) to it and connect it wirelessly to your SOUND HUB or SOUND HUB COMPACT in seconds.

Learn more about our wireless active ecosystem here.

Picking the right subwoofer

How do you know which is the right subwoofer for your system? We recommend that you choose a model that will make a real difference to your system. If your main speakers already have multiple bass drivers, such as the DALI RUBICON 6 or RUBICON 8, it would make best sense to choose a larger subwoofer of at least 10” diameter like the SUB P-10 DSS. Also consider the price point: our entry-level SUB C-8 D compact subwoofer will likely be a better match for SPEKTOR and OBERON speakers than our high-end EPICON 2.

Elevating the home cinema experience

For home cinema enthusiasts, a subwoofer such as the DALI SUB K-14 F can significantly elevate your audio experience. When paired with your existing floorstanding speakers, a subwoofer uses the LFE output from your surround amplifier to add extra punch to explosions and intensify the impact of movie soundtracks for truly immersive, theatre-like results.


Why is it called a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is named for its ability to handle lower-frequency sounds than a regular woofer, itself named after the sound made by a woofing dog. A subwoofer plays a crucial role in audio systems, typically reproducing deep bass frequencies below 120 Hz, which enhances the richness and depth of the overall audio experience in music, movies and multimedia content.

Which is better, a woofer or subwoofer?

Rather than thinking of a woofer and a subwoofer as competing technologies, you should consider them as complementary. A typical woofer reproduces a relatively large range of frequencies, anything from around 30 Hz to a few thousand. Adding an active subwoofer with its built-in amplification takes the load off the woofer and gives your amplifier more breathing space to let the woofer reproduce the higher frequencies as accurately as possible. That said, a subwoofer is an invaluable addition to any home cinema setup. Using the LFE channel, it can recreate all the room-shaking explosions and other epic sound effects that a regular woofer simply can’t replicate.

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