DALI SOUND HUB Software update

Firmware Version 4.2 contains an extensive upgrade package with cool new features for the DALI SOUND HUB. All the new features were requested from our customers and dealers and will significantly improve the user experience of the DALI SOUND HUB.



Extended Stereo Mode: Listen to stereo from all connected speakers

If you have a surround sound system with EQUI speakers, the SOUND HUB (+ HDMI-Audio module) can now be configured for Extended Stereo Mode in which any stereo source can be converted to multichannel stereo. All speakers will play the front channel audio – front and rear speakers will play stereo and the centre channel will play a summed stereo signal.


Extended Stereo Mode can be switched on and off by pressing and holding the SOUND HUB front panel or remote control Standby and Mute buttons simultaneously.


Two options are then available for selection:

  • ST: Conventional Stereo
  • ES: Extended Stereo.

Note: If "UPMIX HDMI TO ALL SPEAKERS" is set to "YES" on the HDMI-Audio Module, this will override the Extended Stereo Mode on the HDMI source.


Remote Control Speaker Adjustment
With DALI SOUND HUB firmware version 4.2, the Speaker Balance Adjustment and Speaker Distance Adjustment, parameters can now be set from the Remote Control using the same buttons as used for these adjustments on the SOUND HUB front panel. This makes adjustment of an EQUI speaker system faster and much more convenient. See the SOUND HUB MANUAL; Page 27-31 for further instructions.




Automatic Down-mixing
If one or more linked speakers is switched off or removed, resulting in a link loss, an EQUI system will now automatically down-mix audio signals to fit the remaining linked speakers. This is a handy feature that is particularly useful for demonstrating the benefits of centre, sub or rear speakers without having to reconfigure a system during playback.

Example 1: If a subwoofer cable (or the WSR - Wireless Subwoofer Receiver) is disconnected, the system will automatically reconfigure the front channel speakers to full range.If the subwoofer is reconnected, the system will automatically reset
the crossover frequency for the connected speakers. (The above applies to small speakers only – Floor standing models will remain full range, regardless if a subwoofer is connected or not).

Example 2: If the centre channel speaker is disconnected, the centre channel will automatically be down-mixed to the front (L&R) channels. Reconnection of the centre channel speaker will result in automatic restoration of the discrete centre channel.

Example 3: If the surround channel speakers are disconnected, the surround channels will automatically be down-mixed to the front (L&R) channels. Reconnection of the surround channel speakers will result in automatic restoration of the surround channels.



Improved Remote Link
Better management of link-loss and reconnection of the Bluetooth SOUND HUB remote.


Manual readout of HDMI format
When the HDMI input is in use, pressing the Mute button twice to mute and un-mute the audio will show the current audio format in the SOUND HUB display.

Manual readout of Firmware Version
When in Standby mode, the SOUND HUB firmware version installed can be displayed by pressing and holding in the Link & Connect button on the back of the SOUND HUB. The front display will show the firmware version.

New Factory Reset Procedure: Same as on any EQUI speaker
Factory resetting the SOUND HUB is now done in the same easy way
as on any EQUI speaker.

  • Unplug the SOUND HUB from power
  • Hold in the Link & Connect button while reconnecting the power.
  • The SOUND HUB will now show two bars on the front display, indicating a factory reset.





How to upgrade the firmware of your DALI EQUI system


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