"We test both hubs with the Oberon 1 C, but whichever you choose, one of their design's biggest blessings is their wireless transmission to speakers."


Outtakes from the 5 star review of OBERON 1 C (paired with SOUND HUB and SOUND HUB COMPACT) by acknowledged magazine WHAT HI-FI?

"[Tom] Odell's delivery is full of tenderness and the Dali is sympathetic to that, while also keeping a firm hand on the accompanying keys [...] This midrange insight was one of the passive Oberon 1's highlights, and something the addition of wireless active operation hasn't changed."

"[...] the Dalis display a tight organisation in their presentation of the piano, string and percussion instrumental, while also proving astute in capturing the dynamic surges of the string ensemble."

"The Dalis have a good go at rip-roaring through pg.lost's Suffering – there's more than a hint of drive and weight behind the crashing electric guitars and walloping drums."

"Active streaming systems are becoming increasingly common in this convenience-craving world, and the Dali Oberon 1 C are among the best examples we've seen at this level."

DALI EQUI - Environmental - Large room - 7.1 system - OBERON 1 C - Side - Night

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