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Evolution through KORE technology

The EPIKORE 11 incorporates many of the groundbreaking technologies from our flagship KORE speaker and sets new standards for high-end, low-distortion loudspeaker design.

40 years of loudspeaker excellence

It is the continuation of a rich bloodline of high-end DALI loudspeakers. The EPIKORE 11 celebrates four decades of excellence within loudspeaker design and manufacturing.

High-end perfection, built by DALI

The large, floorstanding DALI EPIKORE 11 has been designed, tested and built by DALI in Denmark. Every element delivers an effortless high-end performance.

Elegant luxury cabinet

The cabinet is an aesthetic and acoustic masterpiece, the epitome of advanced high-end design. From the elegant curved cabinet, real wood veneer and sumptuous piano-finish lacquering, to the solid and inert enclosure.


The EPIKORE 11 is a 4½-way floorstander featuring no less than four 8 inch woofers, a newly developed 6½ inch midrange, and our advanced EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter, all housed in a completely inert and luxurious enclosure built by DALI in Denmark. The EPIKORE 11 incorporates low-loss technology to deliver effortless explosive dynamic response - from the subtlest of micro details to the grand scale of a live concert.


The EPIKORE 11 includes our signature paper and wood fibre cone technology, which reduces weight and adds stiffness to help promote non-resonant break-up characteristics. With wood fibre cone technology, the EPIKORE 11 produces the finest musical details and dynamics.


The tall, luxurious form of the EPIKORE 11 with laminated real wood veneer and luxurious piano-finish lacquering is a masterpiece of construction. The completely inert and stiff structure also creates the perfect low-resonance environment for an astoundingly authentic musical reproduction.


Introduced in our flagship DALI KORE loudspeaker, SMC Gen-2 is the latest generation of our patented magnet material technology, providing astonishingly low levels of loss and distortion for a highly dynamic and authentic sound reproduction. SMC Gen-2 is incorporated into the EPIKORE bass and midrange drivers, as well as in the crossover inductor cores.


Experience astonishingly smooth, effortless high frequencies and dynamics at any volume with the EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter module, featuring an ultra-light 35 mm soft dome tweeter (developed in-house) and wide dispersion ribbon element with powerful neodymium magnet motor systems.


Réponse en fréquence (+/- 3dB) [Hz] 29 - 34,000
Sensibilité (2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 89.0
Impédance nominale 4
Maximum SPL [dB] 116
Puissance admissible [W] 40 - 1,000
Fréquence du filtre [Hz] 170 / 370 / 3,100 / 12,500
Principe de filtrage 4½-way
Module hybride de tweeter, driver super hautes fréquences, quantité 1 x 10 x 55 mm
Module hybride de tweeter, driver super hautes fréquences, type de diaphragme Ruban
Module hybride de tweeter, quantité de driver hautes fréquences 1 x 35 mm
Module hybride de tweeter, driver hautes fréquences, type de diaphragme Dôme en textile souple
Haut-parleur de médiums 1 x 6½"
Midrange driver, Diaphragm type Cône en fibres de bois
Haut-parleur de basses fréquences 4 x 8"
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Cône en fibres de bois
Type de montage Bass Reflex
Fréquence Bass Reflex [Hz] 24.0
Connectique des entrées Bi-câblage
Blindage magnétique No
Positionnement recommandé Colonne
Distance recommandée depuis le mur [cm] 35 - 120
Dimensions du coffret (HxLxP) (mm) 1602 x 422 x 554
Accessoires inclus Manuel
Inlay Card
Tissu micro-fibres
Spike Outriggers (two pairs)
Spike Feet (Magnetic)
Terminal Jumpers
Floor Protection Pads
5 mm Allen Key
Front Grille (Magnetic)
Poids [kg] 75.6