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Alacsony veszteségű meghajtók

A semmiből jött, kifejezetten minden egyes IKON MK2 hangfalba tervezték. A meghajtóba kombinálták a fa szálas kúpot, alacsony veszteségű térhatást, hűtött mágnes rendszert, mindez egy merev öntött alumínium házba burkolva garantálja a kategóriában legjobb közép és mély tartományok reprodukálását.

Dán gyártmányú ház

A ház nagyon merev konstrukciójú, belül keresztben szilárd merevítésekkel. Ez hozzájárul a merevséghez, és gyakorlatilag megszünteti a házon belüli rezonanciát.

Bass reflex portok

Az időzítés a megfelelő kulcsszó ide. Tökéletes időzítés, a meghajtó és a frekvenciák közti nem kívánt kölcsönhatás nélkül. Ez jelentős mértékben növeli a képességet, hogy holografikus hanghatást hozzon létre.

Hibrid magassugárzó modul

A DALI védjegye, a hibrid magassugárzó modul tulajdonsága, hogy ötvözi a dóm magassugárzó és a szalagos magassugárzót, ezáltal lenyűgöző magas frekvenciákat képes létrehozni.


The MK2 system shown consists of 2 IKON 6, 2 IKON ON-WALL, 1 IKON VOKAL, and 1 IKON SUB.

The speakers in the IKON MK2 series are designed and developed to suit a wide variety of needs when it comes to reproducing high performance sound in a modern home environment. The series offers both compact, medium, and large speakers, making it possible to fit a speaker system in any room without the speakers becoming dominating in any way.

Pictured above is a typical medium sized 5.1 surround sund system, based on IKON 6 front speakers, IKON ON-WALL rear speakers, IKON VOKAL 2 as center channel and the IKON SUB subwoofer for the heavy lifting, reproducing all the low frequency effects.

Multiple award winner
The previous generation of this IKON surround sound set up has won multiple awards across the world for highest performance in its class - including the award for best surround sound system of the year at the prestigious WHAT Hi-Fi AWARDS SHOW two years in a row!


When putting together speakers for a surround sound system, it is important that the speakers are voice-matched for identical sonic characteristics. This ensures the integrity of the sound from the total surround sound system; a voice or sound reproduced through the different speakers in the system should sound the same in all speakers to create a realistic experience. One of the benefits of the IKON speakers is that they can be mixed across the different models - without compromising the integrity of the sound.


It is well-known within the industry that it is quite easy to control frequency response by adding lots of mechanical damping in e.g. surround and cones. But our approach remains: We do not want to use non-linear mechanical effects to control, damp or limit the movement of the parts that should reproduce the music. The amplifier voltage and current must be the factors that control motion.

DALI was one of the first manufacturers to insist on controlling frequency response through carefully balanced designs, even with low-loss rubber surrounds that will reveal problems in many well-known driver designs.

Listening to the IKON MK2 family shows that it is worth the struggle, however. By letting the amplifier take control, we strive for the music to dominate – and not the character of the speaker.

Consequently, free and open performance is achieved. Increased dynamics is an added benefit. No matter if you play at subtle levels or crank up the volume, the IKON MK2 products will ensure that no details are left out.


Combining the different speakers in a setup might not always be obvious. But there are numerous alternatives and plenty of models that will fit your living room. Size depends typically on how much room space you want to use on your surround sound setup.

If you have a smaller room, try combining the IKON VOKAL 2 with IKON 1, 2, ON-WALL, or even the floor standing IKON 5. If you have a medium sized room, consider IKON 5 and 6 as front speakers, IKON VOKAL 2 as center and the smaller speakers for the rears. If you can't get enough performance, consider IKON 6 or 7 for fronts, VOKAL 2 for center, and the smaller models for rears. In all cases, we recommend the IKON SUB for the low frequency effects.

The options are many - ask your dealer for advice on the perfect combination for your needs.


With the design experience from the MENTOR series in mind we have developed two new woofers – a 5” and a 6½” chassis. Applied in different variations for the individual speakers this new woofer integrates even better with the hybrid tweeter module, adding improved dynamic capabilities and enhanced bass performance.

The woofer is housed in a rigid die-cast aluminum chassis. The chassis has been designed to provide a free flow of air from the backside of the cone, both below and above the spider. Actually, the ventilated area below the spider has increased by a solid 17% compared to the woofer in the original IKON series.

Combined with careful milling of the front baffle, the optimized airflow ensures very limited loss of energy within the driver, minimizing compression – resulting in uncolored, transparent and time coherent reproduction.

The long-throw ratio design of the chassis provides headroom for extreme cone excursions. Even when the cone is pushed to the maximum, it will not reach physical limits of motion.

The motor system within the woofer is based on a solid ferrite magnet. The magnetic saturation of the centre pole prevents distortion through a stable magnetic flux density in the voice coil gap. On top of this, the drilled and chamfered ventilation in the centre pole provides total ventilation behind the dust cap.

We use a 1” voice coil providing the optimum combination of low moving mass and long linear motion. This offers a wide frequency band and dynamic, unrestrained reproduction.


Our large and efficient woodworking facility handles everything from cutting out the cabinet and applying the vinyl to mounting the drivers and performing the final tests and approvals on each and every speaker.

The floorstanding cabinet of the IKON 6 MK2 employs a very rigid construction with solid bracings across the inside of the cabinet for reinforcement. This contributes to the stiffness and practically eliminates resonance within the cabinet. However, excessive internal bracing can disturb and hinder the crucial airflow inside a speaker cabinet, thereby adversely affecting sound quality. Therefore, great care is taken in the layout and application of internal bracing - in order not to reduce the internal volume of the cabinet unnecessarily.

The high-grade vinyl is carefully selected among the finest available. Extensive testing is carried out to make sure that the surface and joints of the cabinet will stand the test of time. Through strict inhouse control of every aspect of production, IKON MK2 achieves a level of fit and finish typically found only well beyond its price point.

Széria IKON MK2


IKON-System-MK2-walnut-finish.png IKON-System-MK2-walnut-finish.png


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" reviews the DALI IKON MK2 5.1 Surround System as a movie surround setup as well as a multi-channel music setup."

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" have tested the DALI IKON MK2 Surround System: IKON 5, 6, VOKAL, and the IKON SUB MK2. The verdict: Marked as a “Highlight” product." (DE)

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"DALI is on the trail of the Nirvana of sound, according to the Swedish magazine. IKON MK2 5.1 is test winner in its price class and named "Best surround speakers of the year"."

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