ZENSOR 1 AX: Review by British What HI-FI?

WHAT HI-FI? has reviewed the ZENSOR 1 AX, which they call a good idea

Smart devices, streaming and music-on-the go is becoming increasingly common. And according to WHAT HI-FI? “DALI might just be on to something – because the ZENSOR 1 AX is a good plan, well executed”.

The ZENSOR 1 AX is an active loudspeaker with a traditional look that meets the need of convenience while keeping the quality of the sound. “What you get is a fast, tight, musical performance that makes your toes tap,” they write. Furthermore, their verdict of the sound is: “Treble and midrange are nicely articulated, with each instrument easily distinguishable, and vocals clear. Nothing stands out in the mix, which is as it should be.”

WHAT HI-FI?’s verdict of the ZENSOR 1 AX:

“A neat solution to what is becoming a greater need. A good idea, well executed.”

The full review is available at WhatHifi.com.



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