RUBICON 6: Review by American The Absolute Sound

The American print and digital magazine The Absolute Sound calls the RUBICON 6 “a Danish delight”

The Absolute Sound has had the opportunity to listen to the RUBICON 6 and according to them “the R6 is tonally pretty accurate if not deadbang neutral. There’s some upper-mid leanness and added low-end bloom and chestiness, but these do not undermine the vibrancy and musicality of the R6 personality.”

Furthermore, they praise the RUBICON 6 as “a versatile speaker that doesn’t discriminate between musical genres. It’s just as happy reproducing the finesse of small-scale chamber music, an a capella vocal, or an intimate jazz setting, as it is a full-blown orchestra with chorus. Its near full-range low-end response is abundant with tuneful midbass output into the upper thirties.”

The Absolute Sound’s conclusion is that “After hearing the Rubicon 6 you’re never going to want to go back again. Delightful.”

The full review is available at


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