Home Cinema Choice has tested the OPTICON 6 5.1 system and thinks that it is a treat to listen to

The reviewer from Home Cinema Choice tested the OPTICON 6 5.1 system, which consists of a pair of OPTICON 6, a pair of OPTICON 2, an OPTICON VOKAL and a SUB k-14 F. He tested the system with both music and film and praises both setups.

“Despite its talent for home cinema, two-channel music will always be where DALI’s heart lies and on that note the OPTICON system really excels,” the reviewer says and he continues: “Its treatment of Breezin by George Benson on CD is sublime. The transparency and refinement gives you a faithful reproduction of the signal; DALI doesn’t stamp any particular sonic agenda on the sound, other than a slightly embellished top-end that lends air and texture.”

“For sheer sonic thrills” the reviewer tested Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the system and “the OPTICON system does a credible job of bringing it into life.”

Also the DALI SUB K-14 F impressed: “After a bit of trial and error with placement and volume, the sub melted invisibly into my room, fusing with the other speakers and giving no indication of its position. […] And despite its impressive scale and muscularity, the K-14 is relatively quick on its toes,” he says.

Home Cinema Choice’s reviewer concludes that “this superb level of musicality, combined with a barnstorming home cinema performance, makes DALI’s OPTICON system an absolute must-audition if you’re shopping at this price point. Few systems mix refinement and muscle this successfully and look so good doing it. It’s beautifully built, gorgeously styles and a treat to listen to.”  


The full review is available in the June 2016 issue of Home Cinema Choice and here (PDF).


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