The SPEKTOR 2 5.1 system is reviewed by What Hi-Fi? and receives five stars!

The SPEKTOR 2 5.1 system has been reviewed by What Hi-Fi?. They are so impressed by the attractive design and detailed sound that they award it with five stars! The system is made up of two pairs of SPEKTOR 2, a SPEKTOR VOKAL and the SUB C-8 D.

The reviewer is immediately impressed with the SPEKTOR system: “Our immediate impression of this 5.1 suite is comparable with the first moments spent with the Spektor 2s a few years ago; it is a fast, detailed and gratifyingly entertaining listen from the off.”

What Hi-Fi? praise the system for its detailed and entertaining sound: "There is plenty of weight and warmth to voices, giving dialogue a human element as well as keeping pace and delivering expression." They continue... "As we’re enveloped in an impressively spacious soundstage, effects flit from one side of the room to the other at pace, facilitating a true surround experience."

What Hi-Fi?'s verdict: "A quality speaker package that's up there with the very best at the money."

The full review is available here.

5 star review of DALI SPEKTOR 1 compact speaker!


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