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The unique angular design combined with the dual sound mode enables this speaker to be used in a multitude of different scenarios. Choose 'UP' on the front baffle switch to beam the sound waves either straight out for a soft downwards angle, or by selecting 'DOWN', beaming the sound almost straight down for close position listening.


The angular design of this speaker makes it perfect for up-firing use. Combined with a surround receiver that has the ability to render height information (Dolby Atmos, DTS-X or Auro-3D), placing it on top of the front speakers, and even on top of the rear speakers will offer an excellent ceiling reflected rendering of height information in compatible movies and concerts.

Fa szálas kúp membránok

A beágyazott fa szálas membrán egyetlen felületet ad a struktúrának, amely drámai mértékben csökkenti a felületén kialakuló rezonanciát. Ez hozza létre a lehető legjobb reprodukciót a hangzási jel minden részletében.


A dóm magassugárzó ajánlja a kategórián belüli legjobb felbontást, a megnövelt frekvencia átvitelt, a széles hangszórást és az alacsony elszíneződést nyújtja. Ez tiszta örökség a csúcs szériáinkból. A magassugárzó ultra-könnyű súlyú szőtt anyagon alapul, amelynek a súlya kevesebb, mint a fele a piacon található, a konkurencia által használt anyagokénál (0.056 mg/mm2).


The DALI ALTECO C-1 is truly a multipurpose speaker in both design and function. DALI wanted to ensure that the ALTECO C-1 is usable as both a height speaker as well as a traditional stereo speaker. By designing the crossover for stereo use and by keeping a strict focus on DALI sound design principles, we have created a speaker that fulfills both criteria. It is the perfect fit for adding height information to a surround setup or taking the role as an out-of-the-way stereo speaker.

The ALTECO C-1 delivers believable height information from Atmos, DTS-X and Auro-3D movies in surround setup - not only when “firing up” using the ceiling as a reflector, but also “firing down” from a position up under the ceiling.

The ALTECO C-1 is able to achieve this even without special equalizing in order to enhance the effects from HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) technology. A technology found in Atmos certified speakers. Instead the ALTECO C-1 relies only on the height processing done in the amplifier, when selected. Had we included non-linear HRTF equalizing in the ALTECO C1, it would have been impossible to use it as a versatile neutral speaker, limiting the use to only an up-firing type speaker.

Designed the way it is the DALI ALTECO C-1 offers the best from several worlds giving you ultimate flexibility and multiple applications.





Build around a 4½” low loss wood fibre woofer and a 21mm ultra-light soft dome tweeter, the ALTECO C-1 brings all of the DALI sound principles to your living room in a unique new design.

The wood fibre cones are a DALI trademark, as well as a proven DALI technology. The ALTECO C-1 cone membrane is crafted from a mix of fine grained paper and wood fibre pulp. This makes the cones very ridged, very light weight and the unevenness in the structure of the membrane helps minimize unwanted surface resonances.

Combining the well-behaving wood fibre cone with the low-loss rubber surround and spider suspension results in the reproduction of even the smallest micro-detail in the signal – unfiltered and with high accuracy.


The angled front and the dual sound modes enable the ALTECO C-1 to be used in a multitude of speaker positions.

Add height information in any surround setup by either placing the ALTECO C-1 on top of the front or the rear speakers. It can also take the place of traditional front speakers placed high on the wall or horizontal on the side wall. It even offers the perfect angle for close listening in a desktop setting.

Using the switch placed on the front of the speaker to select the down-firing sound mode, the ALTECO C-1 can be used as a rear or surround speaker placed on the wall close to the listening position. This is possible because the down-firing sound mode lowers the direction of the sound downwards by 25 degrees.

The DALI ALTECO C-1 is a true master of diversity. Giving you the flexibility to effortlessly add height information to you current or new surround system, getting the perfect angle on your rear or surround speakers, or getting music in rooms where the speakers need to be out of the way.


The primary function of any loudspeaker is to convert the electrical signal from the amplifier into a realistic audio experience in the listening room. Any distortion or coloration of the original signal by drivers or enclosures is by definition a degradation of the sound.

Clarity in an audio signal is obtained by low loss of information in combination with creating a smooth and seamless reproduction in both the time and frequency domain.

By using only DALI designed and custom-built drivers, the need for frequency correction in the crossover is eliminated. This enables us to design an exact crossover out of quality components which ensures that the signal loss is close to zero.

Another fundamental is the lowering of mechanical distortion. This to make sure that the connected amplifier will not be exposed to a larger than necessary challenge, causing loss of detail in the signal even before it has the chance to reach the loudspeaker.

Through very low mechanical loss, the most fragile sound details, even at very low listening levels, are preserved. This is the only way to obtain the sensation of ultimate transparency and “liveliness” from reproduced loudspeaker sound.


Frequencia tartomány (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 74 - 25,000 Hz
Érzékenység [2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 83.0 dB
Névleges Impedancia [Ω] 6 ohms
Maximum SPL [dB] 103 dB
Ajánlott Erősítő Teljesítmény [W] 40 - 100 Watt
Keresztváltási Frequencia [Hz] 2,100 Hz
Keresztváltási elve 2-way
High frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 21 mm
High frequency driver, Diaphragm type Lágy textil dóm
Mély Hangsugárzó 1 x 4.5"
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Fa szálas kúp
Hangfaldoboz Típusa Zárt doboz
Bemeneti Csatlakozó Single Wire (Spring loaded push button)
Ajánlott Elhelyezés Falra
On speaker
Ajánlott Faltól Való Tásvolság [cm] 1 - 100 cm
Méretek, Hangfaldoboz (MAxSZxMÉ) [mm] 265 x 160 x 200
Tartozékokkal Gumitalp
Kezelési útmutató
Tömeg [kg] 2.9 kg