The 'DALI LP' is based on the DALI CD, Vol. 4 and contains a mix of household names and less familiar artists in various genres, recorded, mixed and mastered using different methods.

For Serious Analysis and Musical Pleasure

This LP is a DALI first. It follows the sudden revival of the vinyl format, which continues to gain momentum throughout the music industry. Rumors have it that 80% of today's releases are also available on vinyl. 

This LP is based on our fourth CD compilation in a audiophile-praised series. These collections represent our best effort to provide reliable tools to assist you in the effective evaluation and demonstration of the accuracy and musicality of audio components. Music is important to us, too important to allow it to be mangled by MP3 conversion or crushed by dynamic range compression or diminished by inferior playback equipment. That’s why we this time decided to add a LP to our collection - alongside continue publishing the DALI CD’s.  

This compilation contains a mix of household names and less familiar artists in various genres, recorded, mixed and mastered using different methods. Please give it a spin or two on a quality audio system. Preferably on a system you know well. Chances are that you will hear and appreciate what we consider to be superior sound quality on the majority of the selected tracks. Don’t expect to like them all! Taste is different! But hopefully we have inspired you by introducing you to one or two tracks and/or artists that you’d never heard about. Long live great music, great recordings and great audio systems. Long live the good old CD!





When Jacques Loussier presented his jazzy version of Bach with his PLAY BACH in 1959, not even his producer at Decca Records expected that a million copies of the five albums would be sold by 1965. In Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney and New York, Jacques Loussier polarised as well as unified the classical and the jazz worlds. Called a pioneer and even “the grandfather” of crossover, Loussier’s tasteful work was acknowledged by Glenn Gould: “Play Bach is a good way to play Bach”.