This track is a DALI demo favourite.

He Xun-Tian is a distinguished composer, professor, doctorial tutor and dean of the Department of Composing and Conducting of Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

He Xun-Tian - Earth Drums
From the album Paramita (2002)
Label: Wind Music
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 4

In 1981, He Xun-Tian established the original and important Three Periods Theory and Theory of Musical Dimension. In 1982, he created The RD Method of Musical Composition and was the first composer to base compositions on his own theory.

He has won grand prizes in national and international composition competitions, including 9 national composition awards like the Special Composition Award of the China Golden Record Award 1995-2003, and 13 international composition awards like the Outstanding Musical Achievement Award of The International New Music Composers Competition 1989-90 USA.

His works are praised as classics of 20th Century Chinese music. Hundreds of news media and academic publications around the world, including the New York Times, Time Magazine and the Washington Post, have published and commented on his works, composing methods and creative ideas. The New York Times considered him "one who helped the Chinese realise the dream of spreading their music throughout the world".

Earth Drums is a pure drum track where you can really test the abilities of your speakers. The drums pan from left to right throughout the track and with a good pair of speakers you'll be able to recreate the impressive punch and sound of real drums.

This track has been a demo favourite in DALI rooms at hi-fi shows around the world in the past couple of years and was a much-requested piece for inclusion on this compilation.


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