The moment before she sings, you can actually hear Sinne breathe in.

In 2008, Danish jazz singer Sinne Eeg received a Danish Grammy for the album Waiting for Dawn, which was nominated as the best Danish jazz album of the year.

Uncharacteristically, even Denmark's normally highly critical jazz reviewers were effusive in their praise.

Track: My Treasure (Sinne Eeg)
Album: Waiting For Dawn (2007)
Label: Sinne Music
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 3

Sinne received her musical education at the Academy of Music in Esbjerg, Denmark, and has toured throughout Europe, Japan and China. Relatively rare among jazz singers, Sinne also writes some of her own material and even has her own label, Sinne Music.

My Treasure
My Treasure, a Sinne Eeg original composition, begins with an extremely well-recorded acoustic bass solo by Mads Vinding.

The moment before she sings, you can actually hear Sinne breathe in, while the ambience around the two performers possesses palpable presence and realism. The extraordinary quality of this recording is made even clearer when pianist Lars Jansson and drummer Morten Lund join in.

This track fully demonstrates not only the potential of modern, state-of-the-art recording equipment but also that the symbiosis between rare recordings like this and loudspeakers of a similar standard can create the stunning experience of cheating your senses into believing that what you are hearing is real life and not just a reproduction.


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