"Dancing Devil is my lovable monster. At least that is what I call it."

Jacob Dinesen's music career started a decade ago when he received his first guitar for Christmas. Drawing inspiration from Bruce Springsteen, Allan Taylor, Frank Zappa, Van Morrison and Dougie Maclean, the young songwriter's musical style is firmly seated in the folk and rock genre.

Jacob Dinesen – Dancing Devil
Label: Reorecords
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 5

"Dancing Devil is my lovable monster. At least that is what I call it. It’s a song I have always dreamed of re-recording because it's constantly evolving in my mind.

When you write and record a song, there is the temptation to look at it as a closed and finished project. But, in fact, it's a song I’m still working on seven years after I recorded it. I’m still changing the lyrics, still revising the chords and the arrangement. It's a song that is never finished to me.

That’s why it was a great opportunity to revisit it for the DALI CD/LP. I hope you all like it and I'm very excited to hear what it sounds like in another seven years," says Dinesen.

Recorded at Medley Studios 1/2 Sep 2017: Desk SSL9000j, BD Neumann U47, KICK Electro Voice RE-20, SN Sennheiser 421, SN2 AKG C460 B, HH Bruel & Kjar 4011, TAM1 Sennheiser 421, TAM2 Sennheiser 421, KIT SM57, OH Bruel & Kjar 4011 stereo, AMBIENCE Bruel & Kjar 4006 stereo, GUITAR: VOX AMP U47 fet / SM57, VOCAL: U89.Mixing: Desk SSL9000j, Vocal: Tubetech C1, Pultec EQP-1A, dbx 900 deess. Master: Neve 33655, Pultec EQP-1A3 stereo pair, Otari MTR 12 2 track tape machine.


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