Centre-channel speakers

If you're looking to build a surround sound setup, the centre channel speaker is the heart of your system. Mainly responsible for delivering clear and engaging dialogue, a centre channel speaker guarantees truly immersive movie-watching experiences.


The DALI KORE takes a no-compromise approach with unmatched fidelity and effortless dynamics.


A luxurious, high-end loudspeaker featuring KORE technology for a world-class musical performance.


Delivers a dramatically rich and detailed sound that will blow your mind and captivate your senses.


Impeccable high frequencies and voice reproduction so lifelike, you'll feel like you're in the middle of a live performance.


Astonishingly large and accurate three-dimensional sound that will impress true audiophiles.


Effortlessly reproduces highly detailed centre channel sound with stunning realism and accuracy.


Designed with stability in mind with a reinforced structure that eliminates distorting vibrations.


The pinnacle of the RUBIKORE entry into pure high-end sound, but at a midrange price.


Designed for ambitious high-end stereo and home theatre systems in medium to larger sized rooms


The stand-mount loudspeaker offers the ideal blend of compact size and generous sound.


A versatile multipurpose performer. Ideal for both stereo and multichannel roles


A full-blown LCRS solution for the highest performance home cinema systems

The importance of a centre-channel speaker

A centre-channel speaker is arguably the most important part of any surround sound system. When you’re watching your favourite TV series or blockbuster movie, you need to clearly hear what people are saying. In a regular stereo setup, you just turn up the volume and although this may increase the volume of the vocals, it also makes everything louder, which can become tiring over the course of an intense action movie.

The benefit of a centre speaker in a multichannel surround setup is that you can increase the volume of the centre channel – containing the vocals – without having to raise the overall volume level.

What to look for in a centre-channel speaker

Investing in the best centre-channel speaker that your budget will allow will deliver clearer and more detailed vocals, rewarding you with a better TV and movie-watching experience.

You should also consider where to place your centre speaker. If you’re placing it on AV furniture, the OPTICON VOKAL MK2 and wireless active OBERON VOKAL C are great options. With their front-facing letterbox reflex ports, these centre speakers deliver clean and controlled bass even when hidden out of sight behind the mesh door of a TV cabinet.

The OBERON VOKAL and OBERON GRAND VOKAL also offer outstanding sound when matched with other speakers from the OBERON range. And if you have a higher budget, the EPICON VOKAL is the ideal accompaniment to an EPICON floorstander setup.

On-wall centre speakers

If you don’t have space for AV furniture, wall-mounted speakers like the RUBICON LCR provide impressive sound in a refined, low-profile cabinet that mounts discreetly onto the surface of a wall.

Speakers like the RUBICON LCR integrate flawlessly with the other speakers in the RUBICON range. Investing in a surround system featuring speakers that are designed to work together takes the guesswork out of matching components and ensures you get the best out of each speaker. You can read more about the RUBICON series here.

In-wall centre speakers

If you’re planning a new house build or you’re renovating your existing home, an in-wall centre-channel speaker can be a discreet and elegant solution. In-wall speakers, a type of custom install (CI) speaker, feature the same technology as traditional cabinet speakers and are often comparable when it comes to sound quality.

In-wall centre speakers like the DALI PHANTOM M-250 and PHANTOM S-80 challenge your perception of what’s possible with a centre-channel speaker. Follow the links to find out more about our range of DALI custom install speakers.

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