Country blues played a major role in his development as a musician.

The Dutch-native blues singer Hans Theessink's roots are unmistakably founded in blues. However, Theessink has also been influenced by numerous other aspects of roots music, so much so that musical variety has become his trademark.

Track: Mississippi
Album: Blue Grooves From Vienna (1998)
Label: Minor Music Records
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 1

In the early 1960s, a love of the blues took hold of the man who Bo Diddley described as "one helluva guitar player" and has no sign of letting go. Country blues, with its earthy and heartfelt sound, made a particularly strong impression on Hans Theessink and it played a major role in his development as a musician.

Theessink's first recording was an EP in 1970. Since then, his music has continually developed. So far, he has released some 20 albums, a songbook, a blues-guitar instruction video and a DVD.

Theessink's CDs are almost guaranteed award winners. His productions are generally known for their excellent sound quality and are in big demand in hi-fi circles.

Blue Grooves from Vienna is Theessink's 50th-anniversary celebration on the Minor Music Records label and is accompanied by a large array of instrumentalists and fellow vocalists.

Mississippi from this compilation is unmistakably one of the superior tracks on the CD. It's an exciting and enjoyable track because of Theessink's dynamic way of using the attack of his voice and the variation in his guitar playing, combined with the New Orleans style of using a tuba for the bass line.


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