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In the summer of 2014, DALI hosted an international distributor and dealer conference at Michelin restaurant 'Kadeau' in Copenhagen, where the theme was "Best of Danish". And no other than Lukas Graham Band delivered the entertainment with content from their new album.

Wine And Dine
In the summer of 2014, DALI hosted an international Distributor and Dealer conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the theme "Best of Danish". As we brought 13 nations together with different cultures and languages, building bridges can be tricky. So we used an old yet bulletproof trick: food and music!

The gathering happened at the reputable Danish Michelin star restaurant, Kadeau, which recently had DALI speakers installed throughout the entire restaurant. The entertainment? Only one of Denmark's most promising bands, Lukas Graham! Thursday evening around 50 international guests experienced what happens when people driven by passion, authenticity, and a bit of hard work, emerge. Magic!

RUBICON launch
The event marked the launch of our brand new RUBICON series. A series to which we have huge expectations. We really believe that this series will set new standards in audio reproduction in its class. And we look forward to offering music lovers around the world the opportunity to listen to music the way it is supposed to sound.

Continuous cooperation with Lukas Graham
We are proud of supporting this brilliant songwriter and soulful artist who with his energetic band is about to conquer the world and we really appreciate the work he does in promoting DALI and the need for good sound.

Lukas had just returned from LA where he has been writing songs for his 2. album and we were fortunate to hear him perform some of the new tracks. Great stuff - look out for the album when it's released later this year [edit: US release is March 26]!

The new track 'Mama Said' is already no 1 on several playlists [meanwhile the track 7 Years is the unavoidable track of 2016 - reaching no 1 on single charts around the world, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark as a beginning].

A successful 'product placement' case here at Kadeau
We are delighted and honored to see a Michelin-star restaurant all equipped with DALI loudspeakers. Especially, when it's a restaurant whose strategy was not to have music or sound at all. Now they have a full-blown system in all areas of the location. We are looking forward to also installing our speakers in their other restaurant in Bornholm.

It's by far a coincidence that we corporate with Kadeau and Lukas Graham. We share the same values and believe that without a genuine passion for what you do excellence will never be achieved. Passion is what drives us to keep on raising the bar in the quest of delivering the best of the best to our audience. Be it food, music, or loudspeakers. In both Lukas Graham and Kadeau we have found our soul mates, people who are as dedicated to what they do, as we are.

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