FAZON LCR - “Precision and detail”.

William Kelly editor of The South African magazine, AUDIO VIDEO has done a splendid review of the DALI FAZON LCR’s. His overall conclusion is : “Stunning looking speakers that deliver sonically as well"

More qoutes from the review:

“So, they’re Scandinavian, and I have to say that so far in my reviewing career there have been specific things that have proven challenging to review, but none, nothing comes close to these FAZONs. The reason is that they’re wall mounted. Which makes perfect sense, really. They’re designed specifically to look better than your 96-inch plasma, and to hide such a thing of beauty on stands or in corners – well, it’s just plain wrong”.

“The point is that when they are on the wall they sound their best. And they look even better than they do out of the box. Honestly, these speakers are simply stylish in a subtle, understated high-end way. If I had my way, I’d buy them just because they look so damned sexy.”

“They delivered convincingly and seemed to be completely at home in this role, with a good balance of precision matched with gusto – despite their size the FAZONs will fill a respectable room easily.”