Discontinued DALI products

Here you will find manuals, brochures and specification on DALI subwoofers, cables and loudspeakers that have been discontinued and are no longer sold in stores.

As DALI's Hi-Fi loudspeakers have proven their build and sound quality well over the years - and still do. Specifications and manuals for the discontinued DALI products are still very much in demand. The DALI discontinued site can hopefully help you find information regarding your DALI speaker.   

We are constantly working on adding discontinued speakers to the site from our catalog of products. This means that this site is not a complete list of our discontinued speakers, but a work in progress and our speakers will be added on the list below as we extract the data from our archive.


Discontinued DALI products


When DALI celebrated its 25th anniversary, the revitalized DALI HELICON MK2 series continued to build on our considerable experience in designing loudspeakers to be as true to the original sound as possible. This range delivers sonic realism to enable and encourage a willing suspension of disbelief that transports you to another time and place where you can forget all about technology and audio systems and lose yourself in a thrilling musical or cinematic experience. At DALI, we start with a full and firm understanding of the fact that throwing technology at a problem is no solution at all. Therefore, we set sonic excellence as our goal and simply pursue the straightest possible path to that goal.