DALI FAZON SAT 2.1 Best in Test

Norwegian "Lyd & Bilde" December issue is featuring a group test focusing on "invisible euphony" The test winner is: DALI FAZON SAT 2.1

DALI FAZON SAT 2.1 was tested against the following 4 systems:

1. Bose Cinemate CS II

2. Arcam Muso, Logo Subwoofer
3. Waterfall Serio, HF1 Subwoofer
4. Atrcoustic Diablo, Panel Subwoofer

DALI FAZON SAT 2.1 comes out as test winner!

The conclusion from the reviewer translated into English:

“These speakers are combining all the qualities we are expecting from a 2.1 system – easy to place, user-friendly and great looking – together with a splendid sound quality. Further the DALIs are getting a high score on the quality impression, and are simply having a more thought-through design compared to the competitors.
A well-earned test winner! ”


“DALI har klart å klekke ut et par potente vegghøyttalere uten særlige kompromisser, og det til en meget fornuftig pris!

FAZON låter I det hele tatt som en litt større højttaler enn de fysiske mål skulle tilsi”

Translated into English:

“DALI has managed to create a pair of potent wall speakers without accepting any compromises, and to a very fair price!

FAZON simply sounds as was it a bigger speaker than what the physical dimensions would be allowing.”

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