FAZON SAT recommended in Austria

The Austrian web-magazine Sempre Audio thoroughly tested DALI FAZON SAT with a very positive outcome.

The test result is based on the compact system 2.1 using the new subwoofer, and Sempre Audio calls FAZON SAT extremely elegant, well equiped, and not least innovative. Here's a couple of quotes from the Austrian recommendation (translated from German):

Sempre Audio notices that "...the pair from Norager played fresh and very detailed, and with an energy and liveliness you wouldn't expect from speakers of such small size."

"Clear and naturally reproduced voices, well proportioned and detailed instruments, and fine resolution details in the high register are conveyed fully and fast with accurate timing from the small satellite from DALI."

Concluding with a definite recommendation, the editors claims that DALI FAZON SAT "...are perfect not only as home cinema solutions, but also for discerning music lovers. Regardless of the preferred genre, they constitute a very good choice."

Read the full recommendation right here (in German).