FAZON F5 - Chillingly realistic

AudioVideo2Day, Netherlands, has nothing but good to say about the DALI speaker with "killer looks and killer sound".

One of the largest online magazines in the Benelux zone brings a very nice review of the DALI FAZON F5, speaking well of its sound as well as its visual appearance. Here's a few quotes from the review:

“In Scandinavia they didn’t want to stop at just a gorgeous body. The gorguos body had to sing beatifully too...DALI invites you to meet the new generation of high-definition loudspeakers that creates the perfect marriage between authentic, natural performance and elegant, bold styling”.

“A realistic projection of the musical instrument envelops the room. What superb timing! Each pluck of a string sounds chillingly realistic.”

“Toots’ harmonica hovers high between the speakers, oh, enjoy… …The kettle drums and forceful beats on the bass drum are portrayed with muscular ease and impress with their power and impact”.

“An amplifier like this costs 3 times as much, but it does bring out the best in the DALI FAZON F5. The same goes for cables: with standard cables you’ll reach pretty good results. Dedicated cables may demand a higher financial offering, but the DALI FAZON F5 easily translates this into added musical value."

Although AudioVideo2Day requests additional color finishes, the verdict is very positive. DALI FAZON F5 gets plusses for: Innovative concept, pretty and modern design, applied technology, neutral character, timing, resolution, and dynamics.

See the full review HERE (in Dutch - article is well-formed for easy search engine translation).