Curvalicious FAZON F5 reviewed in TONEAudio

Curvalicious, "timeless styling" and "gold-ribbon performance" are a few of the highlighted characteristics of the DALI FAZON F5 featured in the newest edition of the American audio magazine TONEAudio.

TONEAudio have put the DALI FAZON F5 in the spotlight, and they’re quite impressed with the curvy design and its dynamic audio profile: The “...F5 Fazon loudspeaker takes prior achievements two steps further by combining timeless styling with great sound and a small footprint.”

Furthermore TONEAudio notes that the FAZON F5, in addition to having a “natural tonality and an ability to capture the essence of instrumental texture”, also has impressive strength underneath its die-cast aluminum hood: “However, when called upon to move air, the pair of 5-inch woofers is mightier than the spec sheet suggests …there’s more than enough oomph on “Back in NYC” to sound convincing and hold at bay any thoughts of a subwoofer.”

“Thanks to the small woofers, the F5s offer the degree of coherence required to effortlessly disappear in a room. The resolution will convince you that something very special is happening…”

And you shouldn’t be fooled by the appearance of the FAZON F5’s seemingly “small” woofers according to TONEAudio: “Dynamics are equally impressive. Although small woofers can only move a finite amount of air, these speakers’ woofers give a gold-ribbon performance when faced with heavier fare.”

Read more about the seductive curves of the DALI FAZON F5, and how its soft dome tweeter “keeps it real” at TONEAudio.