FAZON F5 - Flying 5 Stars

The curvy DALI FAZON F5 receives a top score in the latest edition of the prestigious British hi-fi magazine WHAT HI-FI?

WHAT HI-FI? initiate their review of the stylish FAZON F5 with a leading question: “Tempted? Who wouldn’t want a classy-looking small speaker, packed with engineering innovations, that promises a proper high-end sound?” According to the review the answer to this question should be quite simple.

“The impressive cabinets are a major factor in an articulate and unusually clean sounding midrange. Fans of great vocalists such as Frank Sinatra or Jill Scott are in for a treat.”

WHAT HI-FI? seems to be quite impressed by the confident and full-grown performance of the stylish DALI FAZON F5: “They’re immensely musical, full-bodied and fluid, with excellent integration between the drivers.” “…it’s rare that a speaker with so much attention to its aesthetics sounds so good. These are proper hi-fi.” 

So to sum up the conclusion about the DALI FAZON F5 - it is not only easy on the eyes, but it will also tempt your ears.

The entire review will be available soon in this news section.