FAZON F5 - Hot Sound Sculpture *****

The design and sound of the FAZON F5 impresses the Norwegian Hifi magazine Lyd & Bilde, who reward the die-cast aluminum speaker with a total of 5 stars.

The reviewer from Lyd & Bilde initiates the review by stating that “…it is obvious that the Danes have put all their effort and know-how into this project.”

“The FAZON F5 is a very compact and elegant design speaker. The slim, curvy shape with the integrated base gives it a more discrete appearance, which actually seems less dominant than many satellite speakers on floor stands.”

“…these aluminum speakers reproduce stringed instruments in an organic and true way, which is one of the DALI trademarks.” “The mid-tones are generous and voluminous and make the vocal performance appear fresh and never enclosed.”

The FAZON F5 is “A design speaker that sounds as good as it looks.”, and they are truly a “...treat for the eyes, from every angle, just like beauty should be.”

Read the entire article at Lyd & Bilde's website.