FAZON F5 - Beautiful shape of sound

Johnny Lee, from HIFICLUB Korea, has taken a closer look at our FAZON F5.

Johnny Lee takes us through a long story about his journey and meeting with the FAZON F5. He uses the opportunity to play some different songs in the test of the FAZON F5.

The FAZON F5 gives the listener the possibility to hear every detail from the first song, "Angel" by Sarah Mclachlan. Her voice is sweet and there's a rich sound from the piano. The next choice of song is a classical piece by Hector Berlioz called "Symphonie Fantastique". Through this piece of music, the FAZON F5 shows a really great depth. The FAZON F5 gives the rustic flavors a prominent touch in Sumi Jo's performance of "Dona Dona". The last song in the test of the FAZON F5 is "Since I've been loving you" by Led Zeppelin, and this performance really shows the bass in the FAZON F5. The sound is very dynamic, and the FAZON F5 is truly a luxurious loudspeaker able to please the interior designer within you.

The full review is available at hificlub.co.kr