FAZON surround setup - a setup that highlites your life

The Dutch online magazine "Audiovideo2day" have made a thorough review of a complete FAZON setup.

The complete FAZON surround setup that "Audiovideo2day" have had their hands on, consists of twoFAZON F5's in the left and right of the television, one FAZON LCR as a center speaker, four FAZON SAT's spread in the room and the DALI E-12 F subwoofer.

With such a setup, the expectations are high, but can they fulfil them?

The reviewer tests this beautiful and powerful setup with a live concert by John Mayer and action scenes from both "Avatar" and "Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon". Starting with the tones from John Mayer, the setup delivers an overwhelming and amazing sound. The reviewer has the musical experience as if he is a part of the audience at the live concert and he can actually see the different musical instruments, even when sitting with his eyes closed. The overall musical experiences leaves him with the impression of a very balanced sound with deep bass, a clear and distinct voice and very impressive surround sound effect.

Over to the movies, where the reviewer find himself captured in the world of "Avatar" with powerful surround sound explosions appearing next to, in front and behind him, and at the same time, the bullets are whizzing past his ears and helicoptors flying above him. The other movie, "Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon", also places the reviewer in the middle of all the action with the collapse of buildings, bombings and glass smashing jumps. The experience with this setup as a home cinema setup leaves one with the clear awareness of where the edge of your seat is.

The conclusion of the review is that this complete FAZON surround setup meets all sound expectations in the form of tremendous clarity and attention to detail. Furthermore, the FAZON series are praised for their curved design. This setup will without any doubt highlight your life in terms of the musical and move experiences.

The full FAZON review is available at audiovideo2day.eu