FAZON F5 - Surprising in every aspect

The Czech hifi magazine "Hi-fi Voice" has made a thorough review of our beautiful FAZON F5.

The FAZON F5 is striking in it's sound and appearance - also with the new 30th anniversary editions

The sound performance of the FAZON F5 is surprising in correlation to it's compact looks. The FAZON F5 delivers a full and crisp sound, and the reviewer comments the F5's ability to unite appearance and sound performance. The strong and authoritative sound from the FAZON F5 is also soft enough and quiet in order to listen to for a long time. 

When it comes to the performance in the medium frequencies, the FAZON F5 sounds wonderful. The F5 surrounds you with great emotion and harmony of tones and it's velvety and varm sound. The voices are clear and natural, and the reproduction of the soundstage is very good.

The FAZON F5 is surprising in every aspect - In spite of the compact size, the F5 will dazzle you with it's sound. The FAZON F5 can be strong and energetic, but always feel their perspective, peace and desire for smooth. The FAZON F5 can without any doubt compete with any other loudspeaker in the same and other price ranges. 

The full review is available at hifi-voice.com.