FAZON MIKRO 5.1 – The elegant appearance

The very first meeting between the newest member of the FAZON family, the FAZON MIKRO, and AREA DVD, the German hi-fi website, was a success and the FAZON MIKRO gave a very good impression together with a FAZON SUB1.

Chic, modern and yet timeless is just a few of the words that AREA DVD marks the FAZON MIKRO with. The small high-gloss lacquered aluminum speaker lives fully up to the DALI quality judging by its elegant appearance. As for the sonic performance of the 5.1 setup, it performs very well with both music and film even at low volume. The FAZON MIKRO impresses the reviewers with its big, sensitive and finely differentiated landscape. The two FAZON MIKRO’s in the front deliver a clear sound with an accurate spatial structure, and the FAZON SUB1 divides the sound into a very good overall tonal structure. There is a good balance between the FAZON SUB1 and the FAZON MIKRO’s.

Overall, this 5.1 FAZON setup delivers great package at a great purchase price. The sound performance is cultivated and polished with great dynamic and impeccable space. It is the perfect solution for users with an eye for design and an ear for great sound, and it will satisfy the needs of listeners at a superior level.

The setup receives the label "outstanding" from AREA DVD. 

The full review is available at areadvd.de.