SUB E-9 F – Chic, powerful and simply perfect

The German hi-fi website, AREA DVD, has been dreaming of a subwoofer able to impress in both performance and design. Their dream is now a reality with the new DALI SUB E-9 F, and the fact that it does everything right, provides it with the label “AREA DVD REFERENZ”.

The SUB E-9 F is a compact and elegant subwoofer, but the overall question is –can it perform or is it too good to be true? As for the looks, AREA DVD states, that DALI have nailed this one: It’s small, timeless, simple and with a high quality finish.

As for the performance, the SUB E-9 F is tested with both movies and music. “Avengers” is the first movie that the SUB E-9 F is exposed to, and the SUB E-9 F really impresses. This subwoofer delivers a real, three-dimensional and voluminous sound. With regards to the musical performance, the SUB E-9 F is an excellent partner with the “Old Karmuffel” by Paul Kalkbrenner. This song requires a lot as there are deep and complex bass sections, and the SUB E-9 F stands out with full volume and a rich bass performance. The bass fits homogeneously into the overall soundscape, and there aren’t any trace of oversteer, even at quite considerable volume. With the “Black Symphony” concert of Within Temptation, the SUB E-9 F plays with so much power that the listener would believe that the performance would come from a larger subwoofer. The SUB E-9 F provides strikes the perfect balance between bass power and control.

According to AREA DVD, DALI proves that it is possible to create a chic, elegant, small, high quality and powerful subwoofer with the SUB E-9 F without it costing a fortune. The SUB E-9 F does everything right, and even for more moneys, it would be hard to buy a better overall package.

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+ Chic and very compact
+ High quality processing
+ Enormous power reserves for size and price range
+ Excellent draft
+ Very good volume
+ High wealth
+ Cheap