DALI KATCH: Review by StereoNET (AU)

The Australian magazine StereoNET has tested the DALI KATCH and calls it class-leading

After testing the DALI KATCH the StereoNET reviewer is impressed. Among others he points out, is that “the woofers work in unison with the passive radiators producing an impressive bass response that is surprisingly good for such small drivers,” and that “by firing the speakers from both sides, [the DALI] KATCH reproduces music from a source that appears much bigger than itself.

“Bass lines are tight, timed correctly and tonally enjoyable. The major drawback with compact enclosures by their very nature is that woofers need air in which to breathe. DALI have overcome this challenge with KATCH,” the reviewer elaborates and he continues: ”I think they’ve found the right balance and compromise.

But it is not only the performance, which impresses. The reviewer is also taken by the design. “DALI has styled the KATCH to appeal to a fairly broad audience with their three colour options. What’s more impressive though is that they have absolutely nailed the form factor as a conveniently sized speaker that can be taken virtually anywhere.

Their verdict of the DALI KATCH is: “At $699 it is far from the cheapest portable Bluetooth speaker on the market, but the KATCH sound quality and battery life is class-leading at this price point.” And the reviewer concludes: “DALI’s experience in sound is clearly evident with KATCH. They’ve taken no shortcuts nor have they made any compromises.”

Read the full review at Stereo.net.au

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