DALI SPEKTOR series: An oustanding 5.0 setup

Lite-Magazin is very enthusiastic after testing the new DALI SPEKTOR series.

The German hi-fi website, lite-Magazin, has tested the SPEKTOR series in a surround setup, and it leaves them very enthusiastic. 

“Good-looking, cost-effective and impressive sound - these three attributes characterize the most important features of the brand new DALI SPEKTOR series in a nutshell," according to lite-Magazin. And they continue: "The well-designed surround set from the SPEKTOR 6 speakers, the ultra-compact SPEKTOR 1 and the center-speaker SPEKTOR VOKAL impress with no subwoofer support in both stereo and multi-channel operation, and reveal real rocker qualities. With this 5.0 set, it can be a bit harder and louder." 

Their conclusion is that "the SPEKTOR series can hardly be beaten in its price class and is a real recommendation for home cinema beginners who expect sophisticated surround sound experiences!”

The full review is available here (in German).

SPEKTOR Family Walnut.jpg