SPEKTOR 1: Five star review by What Hi-Fi?

The SPEKTOR 1 has been reviewed by What Hi-Fi? and receives five stars! According to What Hi-Fi?: “Rarely have we come across compact budget speakers with such a broad range of talents.”

Following the SPEKTOR 2's recent five star review, What Hifi? say that the SPEKTOR 1's “deliver pretty much all that's good about their bigger brothers, just in a scaled-down form.”

The reviewer praises the SPEKTOR 1: “These speakers are fun, much like their bigger siblings. They charge headlong into Radiohead’s 15 Step, delivering the hard-driving beat and rhythmic flourishes with enthusiasm.” They continue: “These speakers dig up plenty of detail too, and organise them in a musically cohesive way."

Whilst discussing the useful compact size of the SPEKTOR 1 they explain: “We see them as an ideal partner for a micro-system or part of a starter separates set-up - or even either side of a TV."

Concluding the review, the verdict states: “If you’re looking for really small budget speakers, buy these. We can’t be much clearer than that.”

The full review is available here.

 5 star review of DALI SPEKTOR 1 compact speaker!