DALI IO-6 "The Ultimate Work From Home Cans?"

The DALI IO-6 has been tested by hifitrends.com "They are a handsome set of headphones, both tasteful and luxurious. They wouldn’t be out of place on the head of a fortune 500 CEO."

At first glance the reviewer praises the comfort of the IO's saying "Their minimal weight (325g or about 11oz) along with the memory foam pads makes them very comfortable. I was able to wear them for hours on end while working, and I‌ never felt any undue pressure on my head" 

When it came to the sound experience the reviewer was also full of praise: "The clarity of the IO-6 is the best I’ve ever heard in a noise-canceling headphone design. The tonality of instruments is so natural, the soundstage amazingly wide, and the imaging is mind-blowing."

Hifitrends.com wraps up the review with the following conclusion: "If you work from home, and you’re looking for a good pair of wireless headphones with ANC, I would give these a try. (They will actually work great in the office as well!) They are comfortable enough to wear all day, shut out distracting noise in your environment, and they are one of the best sounding wireless headphones out there. The only issue you may have is forgetting about your work and losing yourself in the music."

You can read the full review on hifitrends.com