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A new single and music video is out from Stanley June. We talked to the South African musician about defining love and exploring new ground.


Stanley June is a born and bred Johannesburg citizen now releasing the first single and video off his upcoming sophomore album. The South African musician doesn’t need to categorize his fan base, since he believes that music transcends all culture and age barriers. And the theme of the new song and the official music video, which you can watch below, is indeed universal. “Define Love” embraces a clear soundscape, energy – and reflections of love:

- “Define Love” is a piece of music that illustrates the complications hinged to love and relationships. It explores the effect that dealing with loss, stress and afflictions can have on your loved ones, Stanley June reveals.

The natural songwriter
He strongly believes that music is a progressive voyage. A method of storytelling and an emotional outlet. He is a self-taught musician and a natural songwriter drawing inspiration from everyday situations, love, relationships, difficulties, and aspirations.

And he is always open to explore new ideas, sounds, and different approaches. So, for the upcoming album, Stanley June decided to let an outside professional take care of the production. The choice was the highly esteemed producer and musician Jake Odendaal, and the co-operation worked out well:

- My debut album, “Imitating Art”, was a complete one-man-show. So the decision to include an outside professional led to an interesting shift in sound and approach. Although I haven’t steered too far away from my authentic sound, Jake Odendall has the ability to get the absolute best out of an artist. He really pushed me and shaped my original vision for the song into the best product possible, Stanley June says.

Highs in South Africa
On “Define Love”, he invited Andy Maritz to add his drumming magic to the track, while Jake Odendaal played the bass guitar. And Stanley June himself wrote the song and is responsible for all guitars and vocal parts on the track.

Young Stanley June already enjoyed many highs in his short career as a solo rock artist in South Africa. Apart from gracing many renowned stages, he’s had favourable radio play with previous releases and a prominent achievement holding the #1 spot for several weeks on the Zone Radio Top 40 chart with the song “The Girl with the Ribbon in her Hair”.

Now, he’s ready to follow up with “Define Love” and invited Christo J. Niemandt for the visual side of the project. Niemandt is no stranger to the world of film and is the cinematographer for the video project that illustrates close connections to the themes and mood of the song:

Rollercoaster of emotions
- It relates very closely to the thematic message of the song. A lady in a red dress reminisces the good times of a relationship that isn’t currently in a good space, as she looks through old photographs. The photos come to life in band scenes of me and my band members, he says and continues:

- We try to portray the rollercoaster of emotions that relationships go through. The three main colours implemented are red, black, and white. Red symbolizes love and black and white link to the sentimental aspects of nostalgia. My wish for “Define Love” is that people from all walks of life will be able to relate to and identify with the song and video, Stanley June concludes.

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