EPICON 2: Oozes Elegance

EPICON 2 features in Hi-Fi Choice's 'Beautiful Systems' in January's issue of the magazine.

Following their recent appearance at the UK Hi-Fi Show Live, the DALI EPICON 2 feature in Hi-Fi Choice magazine's 'Beautiful Systems' in January's issue. The DALI EPICON 2 speakers feature alongside LUXMAN's L-590AXII integrated amplifier and PD-151 turntable, which were also at the show. 

The reviewer, Ed Selley, is 'utterly delighted' with the system: "The DALI and Luxman pairing have the precision and timing of an atomic clock." He is initially stunned by the EPICON 2's elegance: "The DALI, meanwhile, oozes elegance." And continues to be impressed: "Impressively, as good as it looks it sounds even better."

Listening to Archipelago by Hidden Orchestra, the system really shines: "Here, it just sings. The layers of instrumentation open out as you’re treated to a presentation that makes perfect sense. Little details that are usually lost are finally given the room they need."

The overall verdict of the system: "It’s perfectly made, looks fantastic and simply using it will put a smile on most faces. Throw in the truly outstanding sound quality – almost regardless of what you choose to play on it – and you have something very special indeed."

The full 'Beautiful Systems' feature is available in January's issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine.