It's naked and unpolished while sounding like a master recording.

When Jacques Loussier presented his jazzy version of Bach with his Play Bach in 1959, not even his producer at Decca Records expected that a million copies of the five albums would be sold by 1965.

In Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney and New York, Loussier both polarised and unified the classical and jazz worlds. Called a pioneer and even "the grandfather" of crossover, Loussier's tasteful work was acknowledged by Glenn Gould: "Play Bach is a good way to play Bach."

Jacques Loussier - Siciliano in G Minor (J.S. Bach)
From the album The Very Best of Play Bach (2000)
Label: BMG Music
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 4

The Grandfather of Crossover
Jacques Loussier is commonly referred to as the 'unclassifiable' musician of his generation, such has been the variety and unexpectedness of the paths along which he has built his musical career. There is no denying that Loussier always seems to appear where you least expect him. Famous worldwide for his jazz adaptations of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, he has also played with the greatest variety of acts and composed more than a hundred scores for cinema and television.

Siciliano in G Minor is Bach played as jazz. Though this track is, for many music lovers, a classic demo track, this particular performance is so well recorded that we couldn't resist presenting it on this compilation. It's naked and unpolished while sounding like a master recording. With bass and piano presenting a very wide musical dynamic range, the music evolves musically and technically throughout the entire performance. It's a musical experience you'll never tire of listening to.


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