The Eight DALI Sound Philosophies

The primary function of a loudspeaker is to convert the electrical signal from the amplifier into a realistic, undistorted and uncoloured audio experience.

DALI loudspeakers are designed in accordance with eight fundamental acoustic and electro-acoustic philosophies, founded on a strong belief that an authentic and honest sound reproduction will bring you even closer to the joy of a live music experience.

These philosophies, found in every DALI loudspeaker, are closely intertwined and combine to create a musical, harmonic, informative and entertaining experience that honours the artistry of musicians and the passion of our audience.

Browse the articles below to read more about each of the eight DALI sound philosophies.

The Eight DALI Sound Philosophies

Amplifier Optimised

The interplay between amplifier and speaker is an essential part of improving the quality of sound from the amplifier, which we achieve by creating a stable, linear environment for the amplifier when driving the loudspeaker load.

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