The recording is an improvisation between Marilyn and fellow drummer Audan Kleive.

Marilyn Mazur was born in New York in 1955 but has lived in Denmark since she was six years old. As a child and teenager, she played classical piano and danced ballet. Although Marilyn received a formal education in music, she is largely self-taught when it comes to playing instruments.

Track: Drum Impro
Album: N/A
Label: N/A
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 1

Marilyn Mazur started her musical career as a dancer in 1971. As a composer/pianist, she formed her first band, Zirenes, in 1973. Since 1975, Marilyn has performed as a percussionist, drummer and singer with various groups, becoming known in the Danish music scene as the colourful percussionist/composer of the group Six Winds with drummer Alex Riel. She has also led the all-women musical theatre group, Primi Band. 

In early 1985, Marilyn participated in the recording of Palle Mikkelborg's Aura with Miles Davis. Davis was so intrigued by Marilyn's talent that he hired her for his band, with which she toured for long periods, as well as with the Gil Evans Orchestra.

Marilyn performed a world tour in 1987 with the Wayne Shorter Quintet and was back with Miles Davis in 1988. In 1989, she decided to leave the Miles Davis band to concentrate on creating concepts, music and her own seven-piece band, Future Song, which is still one of her main groups.

In 1991 she joined the Jan Garbarak Group with whom she toured until 2005.

As a composer, Marilyn has a lifetime grant from the Danish National Art Foundation. She has also received prizes and grants from various other organisations.

Drum Impro
Marilyn gave DALI special permission to use the track on this CD, so you won't find it anywhere else. The recording, made during a concert Marilyn gave with Future Song in Norway, is an improvisation between Marilyn and fellow drummer Audan Kleive. Sound engineer Sven Persson recorded it straight from the mixer used to feed the front-of-house amplification system. Although it's not the traditional method for a high-end recording, this track captures the improvisation remarkably well.

We basically begged Marilyn for this track, as it's unquestionably one of the best percussion tracks we've listened to. The track is a pleasure to listen to and test a speaker with. Played on the right system, this track is like no other percussion or drum solo we have heard... ever.


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