This compilation offers an exclusive binaural recording of the track.

Misa Criolla is a masterpiece of recording. You can really feel the atmosphere in the room and the air around the voices of the choir, which combine to create a sublime sound experience.

Música Temprana - Misa Criolla (Ariel Ramirez)
From the album Misa Criolla (2014)
Label: Cobra Records
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 4

Renaissance and Baroque Periods
Música Temprana aims to explore the repertoire of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, not only in Latin America, but also from sources of the Spanish Empire of that era. It maps the musical development in Latin America, from the moment the first conquistadores set foot in the New World, to the coming of age of Baroque music on Latin American soil itself. The ensemble's repertoire is mostly the result of research carried out by the founder and conductor, Adrián Rodríguez van der Spoel.

The significant sound of the cotton sticks on the drum makes the recording of Misa Criolla a complete audiophile experience. When we heard this recording for the first time, it was an easy choice for us to include it.

This compilation offers an exclusive binaural recording of the track, made with the Neumann KU-100 dummy head. You hear exactly what the dummy head 'heard' during the performance for a surprisingly realistic image. An even more convincing way to experience this live feeling is to listen with headphones. Every nuance of direction and position is preserved, whether the sound source is in front of, beside, above, below or behind you.


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