The use of close miking creates a very engaging acoustic scenario.

Fallulah was born Maria Apetri in 1985 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The first time you hear her music you make an almost instinctive connection to dance, and with good cause.

Fallulah and her Danish mother (a professional dancer) often went on dance tours in Eastern Europe with her Romanian father, a choreographer in Balkan dance.

Track: The Black Cat Neighbourhood (Maria Apetri)
Album: The Black Cat Neighbourhood (2010)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment Denmark
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 3

The death of her father when she was only 9 years old changed Apetri's life, yet she continued to concentrate on dance. At 21, she attended New York's Broadway Dance Center before returning to Copenhagen to focus on music, releasing her well-received first album, The Black Cat Neighbourhood, in 2010.

The Black Cat Neighbourhood
The Black Cat Neighbourhood is the title track, recorded by Fridolin Nordsø in New Mexico City Studio with some additional recording at Apetri's home.

Many of the musical ingredients are typical Fallulah, not to suggest that the songs on the album are in any way lacking in variety.

On the contrary, they're extremely varied, demonstrating enormous talent and huge musical potential. The Black Cat Neighbourhood is a more acoustically grounded recording than it might first appear to be.

The use of close miking (and some dynamic compression) creates a very engaging acoustic scenario. The rhythmic elements are intensified by flamenco-style handclapping and the hint of exotic flavours in her excellent vocals lends Fallulah a distinctive, fresh and personal style.


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