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If you're looking for great sound but don't want to give up your valuable floorspace to conventional loudspeakers, custom install speakers are a great solution. Featuring a wide range of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, DALI's range of CI options offer a discreet and stylish alternative to cabinet loudspeakers for any budget.


The DALI KORE takes a no-compromise approach with unmatched fidelity and effortless dynamics.


A luxurious, high-end loudspeaker featuring KORE technology for a world-class musical performance.


Delivers a dramatically rich and detailed sound that will blow your mind and captivate your senses.


Impeccable high frequencies and voice reproduction so lifelike, you'll feel like you're in the middle of a live performance.


Our discrete cables are recommended for use with the PHANTOM in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. GET THEM IN THE DALI STORE...


Astonishingly large and accurate three-dimensional sound that will impress true audiophiles.


Effortlessly reproduces highly detailed centre channel sound with stunning realism and accuracy.


Designed with stability in mind with a reinforced structure that eliminates distorting vibrations.


The pinnacle of the RUBIKORE entry into pure high-end sound, but at a midrange price.


Designed for ambitious high-end stereo and home theatre systems in medium to larger sized rooms


The stand-mount loudspeaker offers the ideal blend of compact size and generous sound.


A versatile multipurpose performer. Ideal for both stereo and multichannel roles

Compact PHANTOM series speakers are ideal for bringing Hi-Fi sound to any room in the home, while the full-size M and high-end S-series deliver the same musical experience as traditional high-end home speakers in a powerful stereo setup. 

Below, you can see how PHANTOM series speakers are designed to be installed in a space.
* PHANTOM H-120 is intended primarily for in-wall installations 
** S and M-series can also be on-wall mounted using an optional frame 

What are the benefits of custom install speakers? 

As mentioned, mounting custom install speakers in a ceiling or wall is a great way to fill a room with rich sound without having to make space for traditional cabinet speakers.  

Also, low-profile CI speakers install discreetly, almost imperceptibly, into any room. No speaker cables, no cabinets, just great Hi-Fi sound.  

Custom surround speakers 

If you’re planning an integrated multi-speaker home cinema setup, custom install speakers are an excellent choice. In a 5.1 or 7.1 setup, DALI PHANTOM in/on-wall speakers provide immersive audio for your main, surround and rear channels, while in a 9.1 Dolby Atmos setup, PHANTOM in-ceiling speakers are tailor-made for the job.  

Note that in-ceiling speakers can also deliver surround channel audio, if your sofa is positioned against your rear wall.

Weather-resistant speakers

When you want to relax on the terrace with good sounds, you need to ensure your speakers are up to the task. Our weather-resistant custom install speakers, like the PHANTOM E-80 WR offer the same class-leading performance and versatility of our regular E-series in-ceiling speakers with durable weather resistance and IP65-rated ingress protection.

Weather resistance also means you can enjoy your favourite tracks in other high-humidity environments, such as bathrooms. Shower-time singing sessions have never sounded better.

In-store speakers 

Custom installation speakers are also a great fit for retail spaces, as they provide quality sound while remaining partially or fully hidden from view. Tailored in-store music can also help to reinforce a brand’s identity and even subtly influence the mood of shoppers to create the best-possible retail experience. 

How to install custom speakers 

DALI PHANTOM speakers come with detailed manuals and cut-out templates to make any custom speaker installation simple. However, for the most professional results, we recommend hiring an experienced professional to carry out custom installation work. For more information, check out our guide to custom speaker installation.  

Which speakers are best for your custom installation? 

DALI install speakers are available for almost any application and budget, whether you’re just looking for ambient music in your kitchen or you have your heart set on a thunderous home cinema installation. 

When you want the biggest and best, look no further than the DALI PHANTOM S-series. With SMC (Soft Magnetic Composite) driver magnet technology and our Hybrid Tweeter module, these are true high-end home speakers. 

If you need something slimmer and at a lower budget, the DALI PHANTOM M-250 and M-375 feature a narrow design with a choice between our Hybrid Tweeter module (M-375) or soft-dome only (M-250). The M-series is a good choice for side and rear surround speakers and, due to their design, also perform great as front and centre-channel speakers. 

The PHANTOM H-series has a selection of square and rectangular designs that are more compact than the M and S series. With wood-fibre woofers and high-performance soft-dome tweeters, they deliver excellent, room-filling sound. 

With the PHANTOM E-series, you get a selection of extremely flexible speakers that can be mounted in-wall or in-ceiling. The E-series make great height speakers for Dolby Atmos setups and can be rendered almost invisible in rooms where you want them to be heard but not seen. 

The PHANTOM K-series builds on the virtues of the E-series, with improved sound performance and a directional soft-dome tweeter that lets you adjust the sound to any room. There’s also a low-profile version for installations that won’t allow for regular in-ceiling speakers. 

If you want a custom install installation with true room-shaking performance, the PHANTOM IW SUB S-100 in-wall subwoofer is the perfect addition to a CI setup. Paired with the PHANTOM CI AMP-2500 DSP, this groundbreaking low-profile subwoofer offers amazing versatility and all the low-end performance you need for a powerful home cinema or 2.1 setup.

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