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TV screens are getting thinner and thinner, and unfortunately that also counts for their sound performance. So adding an external soundbar is a common solution to improve the TV audio. However, finding a soundbar that offers superb sound as well as excellent design is not quite as common.

The DALI KATCH ONE combines superior audio reproduction with a fresh appealing look. With an impressive 10 built-in drivers, the KATCH ONE has ample moving surface area. When combined with the 4 x 50 watts amplifier, it has the power to deliver the audio pressure needed even in bigger living rooms.

Product series KATCH


KATCH-ONE-white-ivory-white-grille-05-small.jpg KATCH-ONE-black-05-small.jpg KATCH-ONE-white-ivory-grey-grille-05-small.jpg KATCH-ONE-white-ivory-white-grille-05-small.jpg

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