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Warranty on all DALI products is covered by the local distributor in the country, where the product is purchased. You don't need to register your DALI speakers for the warranty to come into force. You just have to hold on to your receipt, as this is your proof of purchase. With your receipt in hand, you are covered by local warranty.

Whether you are covered for 1, 2 or 3 years depends on local laws and regulations. Contact your local distributor to learn more about your rights.


Register your speakers

You can register your speakers with DALI in two ways. Either through our newsletter database or via our MyDALI forum.

If you are signed up to the DALI newsletter, you can register your loudspeakers in our email database. You do this by opening the latest newsletter from DALI. At the bottom of the newsletter in the email footer, you will find the link "update your preferences". Click this link, which will lead you to your profile page, where you can add your speakers.

You are also able to register your speakers, when you sign up to the MyDALI forum. When creating an account, you are able to add your entire DALI setup to your profile.


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