An accomplishd singer-songwriter and producer for 25 years.

For over two decades, Pernille Rosendahl has headed up Danish rock bands Swan Lee (of James Bond theme song Tomorrow Never Dies fame) and The Storm. In 2016, she released her first solo album.

Pernille Rosendahl – Feet on the Ground, Rework
Musicians: Vocals/Keys: Pernille Rosendahl, Keys/Guitar/Piano: Søren Vestergaard.
Produced by Pernille Rosendahl & Søren Vestergaard.
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 5

"I have worked as a songwriter, singer and producer for 25 years in bands like Swan Lee, The Storm and most recently my solo project under my own name.

I decided to rework the song Feet on the Ground from my first solo album, DarkBird (2016). I had a desire to hear this song in a more optimistic version than the one we had captured on the album.

I toured extensively after this album, and sometimes you get the feeling that we didn’t really know the songs when we initially recorded them. So after singing this song for two years, it was a joy to do this rework. New sounds and colours added to the mood I wanted to create.

I hope you enjoy."

The track was built up around a loop from an analogue drum machine. We played a quiet ambient bass through a Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp, recording it from a distance. That is the foundation with live strings, grand piano, keys through a chaos pad and an old Levin guitar on top with the vocals.


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